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             4D HelpDesk SuperEase v2.0 / v3.0 / v3.0 Special Edition/Professional 2005
(Please print this page for reference. Follow the step-by-step
 procedure given below)

Data DownLoad

Data Filename

Singapore spore.4d
Magnum magnum.4d


1. Right click on "Singapore" or "Magnum".
2. Select "Save Target As..." or "Save As...".
3. Under "Save in", select C:\ as your destination directory.
4. Under "File name" the system will show you as "spore.4d" or "magnum.4d".
5. Under "Save as type", select "All Files"
6. Click "Save" to start download into your local harddrive.

 After downloading the data file into your harddisk, import (update) the 4D  results into 4D HelpDesk program.

 Update 4D results 

 1. Start up your 4D HelpDesk SuperEase Program.  
 2. Click on "Application", select  " 4D Data.Download".
 3. Choose your download file (eg: c:\spore.4d or c:\magnum.4d).
 4. Click "Download".

 When completed, a message "Download completed".

 5. Click "OK". (It's Done!).

The internet 4D data  is meant as an alternative update for users. 

Users are encouraged to update the draw results using the built-in program update function. In fact, if you update using this function, it may be even faster than the Internet download and update process.

We always try our best to update the 4D data in our website on the same night or the following day.  The internet update is meant for users who have not updated their data for a long period of time. Then, it will really save them substantial time and of the course, the convenience to bring their data up to date.

If you need help, 
Call: 97606411  93874088

Enquiry: Email

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