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About Us

Our Motto: You Win, I Win, We All Win!

Our Mission: To be the leader in providing the Best Lottery magazine
and Lottery Consultancy services in Singapore.
Management & Business Partners



Contact Nos.

Founder / Publisher:  Mr. Charles Chia         9387 4088
Editor-in-Chief:  Mr. Charles Chia 9387 4088
Lab 28 Webmaster:     Mr. Anthony Tang  9435 3375
CEO, Efusion Pte. Ltd.:  Mr. Samuel Lim 9770 7037
Main Distributor:   Mr. Ramdas 9763 7434
Programmer/Analyst, 4D HelpDesk SuperEase: Mr. Vincent Loo 9760 6411
Consultant, Luck & Numbers: Ms Priscilia Loh 97622880
Numerologist: / Namologist: Mr. Vel-Samy  
Master in Physiognomy, Palmistry & Geomancy: Master Lawrence Lim  
Singapore's first and only Monthly Lottery Magazine.
(First published in January 1991)
Lab28 $pecial $ervice
Singapore's first internet Weekly/Monthly Lottery Forecast Service.
(Launched in Jun 1996)
Lab28 $pecial $ervice (SMS)
Singapore's first SMS Weekly Lottery Forecast Service.
(Launched in Sep 2001)
1900-Interactive Voice Response (IVR) $ervice 
Singapore's first 1900 Weekly/Monthly Lottery Forecast Service.
(Launched in Oct 2002)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase Ver 2.0 (software)
(Launched in Jul 2003)
Launched in Sep 2003)
4D Numerology 
Launched in Sep 2003)
Winning Power Pendent 
Launched in Oct 2003)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase Ver 3.0 Premium (software)
(Launched in Jan 2004)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase, Special Edition (software)
(Launched in Oct 2004)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase Professional 2005 (software)
(Launched in Apr 2005)
4-D Master's Starhub i-Mode  Lottery Service
(Launched in Dec 2005)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase Professional 2007 (software)
(Launched in Jan 2007)
4-D Master's Club with 4-D WINNING BOX's eZine
(Launched in Jan 2008)
4D-Toto App
(Launched in Jan 2011)
4D HelpDesk SuperEase Plus Professional 2012 (software)
(Launched in Jan 2012)
Super Winning Power Pendent 
Launched in Jul 2012)
4D Master App
(Launched in Jan 2013)
Created website for Affiliate Marketer
(Launched in Apr 2013)

We specialise in:

-  Accurate Lottery Analysis and Forecasts
-  Top-class Lottery Software
-  4D/Toto Apps
-  Top-class Lottery Publications and Aids
-  Internet/SMS/IVR/i-Mode Lottery Services
-  4D Numerology
-  Lottery Seminars
-  4D Analysis Course
-  Good Luck Transformation Seminar
-  Face-Reading Course

WinForever  Enterprises

101 Upper Cross St., 
#07-12, People's Park Centre, Singapore 058357.
 Tel: 65358020  HP: 93874088
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